Survey Results: What’s The Weirdest Request A Guest Has Ever Asked You For?

Hostel Manager Survey - Weirdest Request

I’ve recently conducted a survey among hostel managers worldwide. One of the questions was: “What’s the weirdest request a guest has ever asked you for?” – A total of 55 hostel managers replied.

I challenge you: Are you able to read through all of them without laughing?


Survey Results: Weirdest Request

Here’s a list with my 10 favorite answers:

Top 10 Responses

“What’s the weirdest request a guest has ever asked you for?”


“Could you prepare the terrace of the hostel with a Dragon Ball theme? I want to propose to my girlfriend.”

He later really proposed to her dressed in a Dragon Ball costume.


“Can I do a spiritual cleansing of the area? I’m in touch with the spirits and “chamin”. 

We denied but he did it anyway. He also dried mango skins to use those to smoke tobacco from. This dude was beyond weird.


“Can I marry your receptionist?”

…and he was serious about it!

Hostel Manager Survey Weirdest Request


“If my girlfriend wants to check-in, could you please tell her that you’re fully booked? 


“Are there polar bears around?”


“May I ask you for a favor? Could you rip off my toenail?”


“Are you open to paid sex?”


“Would you like to join me in the shower?”


“Where can I find a prostitute?”


“Do you mind if I store my clothes in the freezer?” 

Weirdest Request - Hostel Manager Survey

Top 11-20 Responses

“What’s the weirdest request a guest has ever asked you for?”


“Would you like to marry me?”


“Can I pay per hour instead of a flat sum?”


“Do you have any viagra pills?”


“Do you have milk for diabetics?”

Hostel Owner Survey Weirdest Request


“Could you hire a stripper for me?” 


“Could you please lower the price of your bed by 10 cents?”


“Could you please exclude Chinese guests from staying at your hostel?”


“Would you mind being my wingman? There’s this girl… and… she’s so cute.”


“Could you please organize and arrange some flowers in the bed of my girlfriend?”

…in a 10-bed dorm that he booked for her.


“Could you please refund my reservation via Hostelworld? I didn’t want to book a hostel.”

Top 21-55 Responses

“What’s the weirdest request a guest has ever asked you for?”


“Can I bring two other guests to sleep with me in my bunk bed? (3 in total)”


“Could you teach me how to drive a motorcycle?”


“Can I bring a girl who is not a guest to have sex with her in my room?”


“Have you thought about hiring some hotter staff?”


“Could you give me a quiet and separated bed in a mixed 10-bed dorm?”


“Could you organize a fortune teller for me?”


“Do you have a mosquito net and a rattan pillow for me?”


“Could you please turn off wifi and all the cameras?”


“Can I get AC in my room? (in a non-AC room)”


“Do you mind if I sleep with a tent on the rooftop?”


“Can I buy your hostel? I’d like to start a coffee bar.”


“Can I have an air purifier in my room?


“Can I set up a tent in the common space? I’d like to sleep with that girl…”


“If I sleep on the floor, would you let me stay for free?”


“Could you please clean during the night? I’d like to rest during the day.”


“Could you pick me up from the airport… for free?” 


“Do you have a girl for me?”


“Could you please turn down the AC to 18°C? And do you have extra thick quilts?”


“Do you want to join me on a “special tour”?” (implying sexual content)


“Do you sell marijuana? If not, where can I buy some?”

Hostel Survey - Weirdest Guest Requests


“Could you organize a private room with ocean view for me… for, let’s say $10?”


“I know that I’ve already received a 50% discount… but can I get a bit more than that?”


“Can I stay for free? Otherwise, I’ll leave a bad review on social media.”


“Can I have your food?” – While the manager was eating his lunch.


“Do you mind if I sleep in the pool? I’d pay for it…”


“Can I have a bigger bed?” (The bed was already 2m / 6.6 feet long…)


“Could you buy some drugs for me?”


“Can I get room service?”


“Hey there, I’m an influencer. Can I stay for free?” 

Hostel Survey Weirdest Request


“Where can I get a car paint tester machine?”


“Can I stay for free if I sleep in one of the hammocks?”


Knocking at the door at 2 am: “Hi, do you have a hairdryer for me?”


“I have a hard time at home with my girlfriend… can I stay for free for a week?”


“Could you accompany me to the wrecking yard? I want to dispose of my car.”


“Sorry, I can’t leave your hostel. It links to my soul.”

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I want to thank all participants for taking part in my survey, sharing their wisdom and being so helpful. Thank you for inspiring me. You’re the reason why this website exists.


Before you leave: Answer this quick question and help our community.

Which one was your favorite? And what was the weirdest request you’ve ever received? 😅

Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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24 thoughts on “Survey Results: What’s The Weirdest Request A Guest Has Ever Asked You For?

    1. Hi William,
      you have no idea how many tears ran down my cheeks as I went through the answers. 😂

  1. #10 got me

    I was called at 4am at night because the guest could not turn the key in the lock. Bedroom door was not locked

  2. My personal favorite series of questions… from a prep-school girl whose school group was on a cross-country “field trip” to the U.S. national parks, and our hostel was their idea of “roughing it” for a night…

    “Is there any water?” (“Sure, there’s a water fountain right over there.”)
    “Oh. Is the water safe to drink here?” (“Yes…”)
    “But…is it filtered??”

  3. “Where can I get a car paint tester machine?”
    – “It depends, do you want a blue or red one?”
    hahahha 😄😄

    1. “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” – Henry Ford

  4. I shared this article in our staff log 😂
    Can’t wait to see their responses

  5. “Could you please play more ethic music?”
    (we just played our deep house Spotify playlist…)

  6. “Where can I buy guns?”
    (and the bald guy who was asking was about 7 foot tall – and NOT joking)

  7. “Do you have cosher cereals?”
    “Can I pay you for doing my dishes?”

  8. A dude with a bald head & no beard: “Do you have a hairdryer for me?”

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